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Restoration Services

City Classic Cars is an in-house complete restoration company.

We offer these services as part of the full build process.



A full restoration means that every piece of the vehicle matches your needs. Whether you desire a factory correct restoration or a custom build it will fit your needs.



Scratches or dents with custom bodywork and paint can add on weeks of delay to any project. To avoid the potential of this we have created specific areas for assembly and disassembly that keep parts safe and the timeline on schedule.



Upholstery doesn't just make the interior look good, it also is one of the main sources of comfort for you and your passengers. Our in-house team is well versed in making factory-correct more functional and making a completely new interior from scratch to make it a one-off, unique to you.



Whether you want to restore what was or build an engine that is completely new that matches what you need we're happy to provide the answer. 



Factory correct restorations mean capturing a piece of history that can continue to be passed down. However, it does not mean that a car cannot be updated to make sure that you are safe, comfortable, and can depend on it to get through your week. 



It all starts in our state-of-the-art mixing room. We're able to create a color unique to your vehicle or recreate an iconic paint with various levels of pearl and metallics. Only the top of the line primer, paint, and clear is used to give you a color that pops and last.

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Chassis work is the foundation of every build and requires expert fabricators to effectively produce a factory-correct restoration or custom build. We make sure to maintain the integrity of the metal while adjusting the chassis to fit your needs.

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Any work that is done is always done with a plan. Pre-inspections and evaluations are the best way to determine a path forward so that we are all on the same page prior to starting your restoration.



Many of the parts manufactured today are not a perfect fit for vintage, classic, antique, and exotic vehicles. Expert machine work is necessary to shape and adjust these pieces to fit your car without compromising the integrity of the metal. 



Exceptional bodywork and paint are required to set a vehicle apart from the rest. Whether it's for a Concours d'Elegance, SEMA Show, or a daily driver, body and paint makes your car stand out



Exceptional coachbuilding is what set your vintage car apart from the pack when it was first produced. Master woodworkers were an essential aspect of that process. The seamless that curve around the interior of the car determine whether or not it feels like luxury or ordinary/ We're happy to continue the tradition of coachbuilding with our team.



Dependability is a key factor in how much you're able to enjoy your car. Old or bad wiring greatly reduces your comfort and increases your risk while driving. We convert the entire electrical system from 6V to 12V to make sure you are safe and comfortable.



Often, a necessary piece of the restoration is no longer in production. In this case, the piece needs to be made. We rebuild light assemblies, airbox assemblies, heaters & horn assemblies

The Road to Restoration Starts Here

Congratulations on starting your journey to restoration. Once you fill out the form our General Manager will be in contact with you begin your consultation. 

We have restored vehicles from all over the world and are well equipped with the knowledge and network to make sure the process of transport to us and delivery to you is smooth.

Transparency is a key aspect of our build process as well. You can follow your car's journey along through social media or stop by the office at any time to see your dream coming to life. 

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Thank you for submitting your vehicle application. We're excited to be a part of the journey with you. Our General Manager will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours for consultation.

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