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​CityMod® Build Designs


A Custom Restomod

Anyone can purchase a box of parts and paint a car, but it takes a true collection of professionals to restore the essence of a classic while infusing the proper balance of performance, safety, and comfort that inspires us all.

When it comes to CityMods® City Classic Cars Restomod Factory and Sabra Johnson are considered a world leader through masterful merging of new technology into classic and vintage automobiles. 


​​The 60: OEM visual aesthetics restored through old world craftsmanship.  

​The 40: Modern performance products and artistry combined with creative automotive talent 

CityMod® : This is a vehicle that is visually akin to the original design while boasting modern performance as well as the finest comfort imaginable built in our signature 60/40 SPLIT. 

The Road to Restoration Starts Here

Congratulations on starting your restoration journey! Upon completion of the general intake questionnaire, our General Manager will contact you to schedule your personal consultation.

We have restored vehicles from all over the world and are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure a seamless intake and delivery process.

Transparency is a key aspect of our build process. You can follow your car's journey via our social media platforms or you can schedule a personal in-depth viewing of your project to see your dream car become a reality.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Thank you for submitting your build for consideration. Our project management team will be in contact with you soon for a consultation.