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Custom Resto-Mods

A Piece of History,


City Classic Cars is the original restomod factory known for their signature "CityMod®" which is a modern classic boasting a unique 60/40 build balance. The end product is not a race car neither is it a trailer queen, yet the beauty is undeniable and the performance is exuberant. 

History of Engineering: 

As one of the largest custom restomod and performance car builders in the world and avid car collector, Sabra has seen it all. From Classic cars that are over engineered to the point that they are no longer functional to cars that are so custom they are no longer recognizable by the true fans of the original make and model.


Sabra Johnson determined to find a happy balance between yesterday and today so he created the "CityMod®" in 2017. The CityMod® is built through the Signature 25 Step build process® of Sabra Johnson and balanced through close collaborations with the end user - you the client, while ensuring a one of a kind globally respected restomod. The CityMod® is a driving experience that everyone can recognize but only few can imagine.


CityMod®: This is a vehicle that is visually akin to the original design while boasting modern performance as well as the finest comfort imaginable built only by Sabra Johnson and comes with a 24k build plate. Sabra's restomod philosophy is a 60/40 split starting guideline. This 60/40 split is a sliding scale between factory-correct and custom with variables not exceeding 60% and no less than 40% on a sliding scale of old and new.

The 60: This is a committed to retain a largely OEM template in visual aesthetics restored through old world craftsmanship back to nearly stock. This sliding can can decrease from 60-40 to retain the City Mod concept.

The 40: Sabra understands old cars are cool until you drive them, so he believes incorporating modern performance products and artistry combined with creative automotive talent. The 40% is a starting marker and the range can be any variable from 40-60% to remain a CITY Mod.

Anyone can purchase a box of parts and paint a car, but it takes a true collection of professionals to restore the essence of a classic while infusing the proper balance of performance, safety, and comfort that inspires us all.


When it comes to CityMods® (The 60/40 Restomod), City Classic Cars Restomod Factory and Sabra Johnson are considered a world leader through masterful merging of new technology into classic and vintage automobiles. The end product is not a race car (but the build design is performance driven) neither is it a trailer queen (but the craftmanship is world class).

Complete Classic Car Restorations and Repair

Your Road to Restoration Starts Here

Congratulations on starting your journey to restoration. Once you fill out the form our General Manager will be in contact with you begin your consultation. 

We have restored vehicles from all over the world and are well equipped with the knowledge and network to make sure the process of transport to us and delivery to you is smooth.

Transparency is a key aspect of our build process as well. You can follow your car's journey along through social media or stop by the office at any time to see your dream coming to life. 

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Thank you for submitting your build for consideration. Our project management team will be in contact with you soon for a consultation.

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