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What is a Factory-Correct Restoration?

For many, the ideal restoration looks like getting your build back to the first time you saw it flipping through a magazine or on the showroom floor in factory correct display. We specialize in the process of getting your car as beautiful, or even more so, as the first day you saw it while making sure it has the safety and functionality to match your needs today. We restore imports, domestic, antique, vintage, exotic and classic projects with historical significance or sentimental value to the client.

When you own a vintage, antique, classic, or exotic vehicle you own a piece of history. The number of your year, make, and model is only decreasing. At City Classic Cars, we appreciate your vehicle's uniqueness because we understand the history of the manufacturer and coachbuilders that were involved. We take the time to go back so that we can understand the intent behind the design. We find the books and articles on your build from that era to know our restoration is based on the original build and not a modified one. However, we do not compromise on safety or functionality for the sake of history. With a factory-correct restoration, you can feel relief in knowing that you and your loved ones can travel in a period-correct vehicle that is safe, functional, and comfortable. In this respect, Sabra believes there are two main restoration pathways: The Factory-Correct Restoration and The Custom Resto-Mod Restoration!

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