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What is a Custom Resto-Mod?

There's something about owning a build that is unmistakably your own. It's a one-off, completely unique to you that will not be seen anywhere else. We specialize in the process of getting the ideas and dreams you've had on to paper and then into Resto-Modeality. Everything from custom interiors and engines to metal fabrication and paint are all done under one roof to streamline the process of your custom Resto-Mod. Although we Resto-Mod imports and domestics, our concentration is on American Classics, Streetrods and Custom Trucks.

Over the years each of us has developed unique traits and idiosyncrasies that makeup who we are. Even though someone has a similar background or upbringing there is no one individual the exact same as another. With a custom Restomod build, you have the opportunity to apply the same character to your vehicle. City Classic Cars ensures your custom restomod is recognizable enough to properly communicate its year, make, and model. But we also make our SEMA inspired Custom Restomods unique enough so that it could never be mistaken with someone else's. All custom work from the chassis, bodywork, interior and engine to everything in between is designed, developed, and implemented in-house to make your Resto- Mod dream a reality. When it comes to SEMA Custom Restomods, City Classic Cars is considered a world leader through masterful merging of new technology into classic and vintage automobiles. When you desire one of the best classic car performance restorations builders in the world, contact City Classic Cars. Sabra believes there are two main restoration pathways: The Factory-Correct Restoration and the Custom Resto-Mod Restoration! Sabra teaches the 60/40 split in restommoding that works to keep the aesthesis largely original, yet with head turning performance.

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