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Direct Social engagement

City Classic Cars and Restorations By Sabra offers the Most-Trusted Behind The Scenes Photo and Video Update System that allows client to see the work in progress and share with their families.


Live streaming across all our social media platforms is a direct and personal connection to each individual client.

This is where you can engage with your family and friends around the campfire of your project, see the work in progress and share memories. We were one of the first shops to provide "raw and real" work in progress updates where many clients consume the majority of their digital lives is considerably powerful.


Through pics, videos and live streaming and other participatory tools there is the sense you are present in the build process. Our team of creators post captivtving stories of variolus projects at the shop. These unedited updates provide a birdseye view into the world of restoration. 

More Than Just a Social Post

We’ve led the aftermarket industry for years and we know what helps global clients stay connected. Our live feed system is designed to support the client's desires to stay connected.

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