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City Classic Cars
Country Store

An Ode to History

Out of necessity, country stores, or general stores, started during the colonial period for the many pioneers who lived outside urban markets. Many owners of these mercantile began as roving peddlers. Once they had accumulated enough capital and inventory, they often established permanent locations in settlements with a need and likely profit.

City Classic Cars Country Store

In addition to often being the only provider of “store-bought goods” and the post office, the country store served other roles, including the community’s social center, as an “exchange bank,” community message center, and political club and forum for men in the community. One might find every type of notice somewhere in the store, on a door or a wall. These might include local events, elections, auctions, and “wanted posters” for outlaws. The City Classic Cars Country Store embraces history and tradition.

While every store was different, there were similarities among many, including a front decorated by tin sign advertising, representing tobacco, cigars, soft drinks, hardware, and more. Usually, the store featured double doors that opened inward and windows filled with notions, jewelry, and other women’s items to entice them in. For the men, displays might show tools and boots. The City Classic Cars Country Store centers itself around ranch items and automobilia as this is what we know best!

Today, few places can evoke pleasant nostalgic memories among old-timers, like the old-fashioned general store. Many remember, with great fondness, the family shopping trips, penny candies, and the shared trading of philosophy around the pot-belly stove in the winter or sitting upon the broad porch in the summer. Among other focal points of a small town, such as the school, church, and courthouse, the country store was the lifeblood of the community.

Of the hundreds of old stores like these, only a fraction remain, and, of those, most serve as museums, antique shops, and tourist attractions. However, that is not always the case. Though they have adapted to changing needs, primarily as “convenience stores,” without the look of today’s ugly modern convenience stores, there are many that continue to play the role that they always have, offering everything from canned goods to gasoline, to farming equipment.

Today, The City Classic Cars Country Store located in Tomball Texas  tips its hat to yesterday while envisioning a new tomorrow. 

The best collection is one that is shared with family and friends. The City Classic Cars Country Store collection offers antiques, rustic décor, automobilia, professional cookware, unique man cave gifts, she-shed ideas,  discounted brand name appliances and much more of that crazy cool we cant live without..."

                   —Sabra Johnson

The  City Classic Cars Country Store Shopping Experience

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