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Collector & Classic Car Restorations



The art of restoration requires unwavering attention to detail from Design to Delivery. For this reason, Sabra Johnson has created two unique restoration pathways, both featuring modern facilities and hand selected technicians, to help him implement his Signature 25 Step Build Process for elite families and leading citizens across the globe. 

Our project management team will guide you to the best build pathway, whether that is a full restoration or a partial restoration. Restorations by Sabra offers complete automotive restorations of the highest quality. City Classic Cars specializes in partial restorations and turnkey restomods. 

We make cars safe, functional, and beautiful, in that order. Sabra and his team do not compromise on the process, philosophy, or priorities. This has led to incredible builds that provide lasting satisfaction for all our clients. 


With Sabra, restoration is a beautiful art form of car building that we master through Sabra Johnson's Signature 25 Step Build Process.  Sabra has a proven restoration philosophy and winning build process that is unique to our car building family. 

Once a pathway is selected, Sabra believes there are two doorways of restoration: The Factory-Correct Restoration and The Custom Resto-Mod Restoration! When serious collectors want the best, they call Sabra Johnson first.  

Classic Car Restorations & Custom Restomods


For many, the ideal restoration looks like getting your build back to the first time you saw it flipping through a magazine or on the showroom floor in factory correct display. We specialize in the process of getting your car as beautiful, or even more so, as the first day you saw it while making sure it has the safety and functionality to match your needs today. We restore imports, domestic, antique, vintage, exotic and classic projects with historical significance or sentimental value to the client.


There's something about owning a build that is unmistakably your own. It's a one-off, completely unique to you vehicle that will not be seen anywhere else. We specialize in the process of getting the ideas and dreams you've had on paper and transforming them into Resto-Mod reality. Everything from custom interiors and engines to metal fabrication and paint are all done under one roof to streamline the process of your custom Resto-Mod. Although we Resto-Mod imports and domestics, our concentration is on American Classics, Streetrods and Custom Trucks


We have restored vehicles from all over the world and are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure a seamless intake and delivery process.

Once the journey begins, you can follow your build via our social media platforms or you can schedule a personal in-depth viewing of your project to see your dream car become a reality. 

Let's Get Started!

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Thank you for submitting your vehicle application. We're excited to be a part of the journey with you. Our Restorations Concierge Team will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours for consultation.

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