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Restoration & Repair 

At City Classic Cars of Houston Texas, we are highly committed to prolonging the service life of your classic vehicle. Our goal is the care of your vehicles and keeping them on the road. City Classic Car has  decades of classic restoration and repair experience making us a reliable partner for classic restoration, preservation, and recommission needs.

How do we treat your car?
As though it was our own. Always.

The Original Restomod Factory in Houston Texas 

A restomod is designed to increase the vehicle performance through the use of modern technology, adding comfort such as air conditioning, custom upholstery or a new paint finish to make the car uniquely you.

Restomodding has become the #1 choice for consumers as it is the safest option through the incorporation of enhanced braking,  modern suspension and steering along with more reliable drivetrains. A factory-correct restoration is ideal for nostalgia and legacy projects while restomods are recommended for those desiring weekend cruising in Houston, long distance Texas getaways or daily driver commutes to work. 

At City Classic Cars, we have the skills and expertise to restore or repair factory-correct classics and moderns restomods  (CityMods®). Whether you desire a factory-correct restoration or modern-restomod, our goals are the same- to make the vehicle safe, functional and beautiful in that order. We cater to classic car enthusiasts by offering a wide range of repair and restoration services that make automotive dreams a reality!


Contact us for a project consultation and learn how we can help you keep your classic on the road.

Classic Car Restorations & Custom CityMods®


Legacy Projects are great candidates for a factory-correct restoration by City Classic Cars. For many, the ideal restoration is a "remember when moment in time" reflecting the first time you saw it flipping through a magazine, in papa's garage  or on the showroom floor in factory-correct display. CIty Classic Cars specializes in the artful process of OEM repairs and restorations using old fashioned restoration techniques performed by master craftsman.  Our team will meticulously refurbish, repair or restore your classic car or truck to its authentic, showroom condition. We repair and restore imports, domestic, antique, vintage, exotic and classic projects. 


Let's face it, classic and antique cars are great until you drive them on modern highways. This is why the art of restomodding has become a viable alternative to the Factory-correct approach. As the Original "Restomod Factory", our team builds more restomods than anyone in the market. We have the knowledge and skills to meticulously remanufacture, restore & transform your classic  from top to bottom, incorporating advanced cosmetic enhancements as well as a fusion of old-world craftsmanship and modern reliable design & engineering unmatched by any other. A Restomod is a one-off, completely unique to you vehicle that will not be seen anywhere else. We specialize in the process of getting the ideas and dreams you've had on paper and transforming them into Resto-Mod reality. 

Road to Restoration Chart City Classic Cars

We have repaired and restored classic vehicles from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and every corner of Texas. When Texans want the best, they contact the market leading City Classic Cars. 

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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