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The Fine Art of Exotic, Vintage and Antique Restorations

Complete award winning exotic and vintage Porsche, Ferrari, American Muscle Cars, SEMA Hot Rods, and Truck Restorations embracing tradition, history, authenticity, advanced engineering and masterful classic details by Sabra Johnson for serious collectors and corporate clients.


Houston Resto by Sabra

Welcome to Houston Resto, home of Signature Restorations by Sabra and the iconic City Classic Cars. City Classic Cars is committed to building the best custom muscle cars, iconic hot rods, exotic and vintage works of art and the finest truck restorations in the world built by Sabra Johnson.

City Classic Cars, Houston's #1 Restoration & Restomod Shop, serves serious classic car collectors and elite families with a customized private car building experience by Sabra Johnson. City Classic Cars is home to one of the most celebrated and respected Custom Muscle Car builders in the entire country. 

Sabra Johnson is a SEMA Custom Muscle Car & Truck Builder who through ingenuity and hard work transformed his hobby into an international SEMA brand. If you want custom, one of a kind, the best of the best, then City Classic Cars and Sabra Johnson is your choice. City Classic Cars specializes in full custom car builds and complete restorations.  Whether you have a vehicle you want to restore or whether you desire for Sabra to find one, The City Classic Cars team will work with you to discover, design, develop, budget, and build your dream vehicle.  

Rides by Sabra, the SEMA premium division of City Classic Cars, offers an intimate collaboration between the client and the builder. It's you and the mind of this creative builder one on one! City Classic Cars has a talented team, yet with Rides by Sabra you get the private hands-on attention of Sabra Johnson. Just bring the dream, Sabra will bring the rest!

Every great build starts with a dream by the client then Sabra translates those notes into renders and a detailed design plan that allows you to see the end in the beginning. Sabra calls this the Vision-Driven build process. First Sabra listens to your dream... next is deeper discovery... then Sabra presents a detailed design plan... then your dream enters Sabra's Signature Restoration Process... 12-18 months later City Classic Cars presents the realized dream! 

City Classic Cars merges the style and systematic building process of Sabra Johnson perfectly into your full custom build dream- the end result is a one of a kind car collaboration between The Dreamer (you the client) and the Dream Maker (Sabra). City Classic Cars is a one of a kind Restoration Experience!

City Classic Cars is committed to building the best custom muscle cars, iconic hot rods, exotics, vintage and truck restorations in the world. Prices start at $115 an hour plus materials. Our satisfied clients include major corporation leaders, celebrities, leading families, and serious collectors. If you can dream it, Sabra can build it! Let's get started. 


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The Dream 

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What's Your Dream?

City Classic Cars is committed to building the best custom muscle cars, iconic hot rods and truck restorations in the world. Most Custom SEMA Builds by Sabra start at $200K. City Classic Cars offers a connection to the roots of our past.  If you can dream it, Sabra can build it.  Don't know where to start? Click on a discovery pathway to begin!  

Iconic SEMA Restomods
Sabra loves pushing the envelope of possibilities. If you are ready to think outside of the box of limitations, then contact Sabra through our secure discovery portal now!
"Award Winning" Paint Finishes
Signature Performance Paints by Sabra matched to his fanatical body principles produces award winning looks and finishes. Please complete our online inquiry form.
Pro Touring Custom Muscle Cars
Sabra loves building cars and trucks that become global icons! Please complete the Let's Get Started Discovery Sheet!
Performance & Designer Interiors
Sabra specializes in making your super car one of a kind. Why drive factory and resemble everyone else when Sabra can have you looking and feeling like you!
Custom Truck Builds
Sabra loves building custom American trucks. Although Sabra does occasionally restore to original, his reputation and passion is in building performance trucks!
Vintage & Antique Restorations
Please complete the project detail form. If your project interest the SEMA Custom Car Builder, the team will contact you for next steps!
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Shop In Motion 

“I have always loved classic muscle cars. My dream was to own a 1969 Convertible Camaro. I got it, but it needed a lot of work. Sabra  made my dream come true!!!”

James Richardson

The man behind the vision

After years of developing his eyes, hands and ears for world class performance in his cousins Porsche & Exotic Imports Performance garage, Sabra's first modification was at age 16. The Custom Muscle Car Builders first modification was when he equipped his boring grey Volkswagen Rabbit with custom performance exhaust, an over the top sound system featuring double 15 inch Super Blue subs, Limo "Black" tinted windows, custom seat covers, an aftermarket GTI performance package, sirocco GT rims and countless hours repairing failed parts. It was not much on his dishwasher's salary, but it planted the seeds of modification and a thirst for customization. 


Today, Sabra Johnson has earned a reputation as a "Restoration and Restomod Specialist", for his shop in Houston Texas builds some of the most iconic classic cars and trucks in the industry. Sabra Johnson is considered one of the leaders in style, quality, and workmanship.   Sabra is a member of SEMA where he serves as an industry mentor, voted by his peers to serve on the prestigious ARMO Council, is an active member of HRIA, NHRA, a regular participant in the SEMA Show Battle of the Builders International Competition and under contract to produce a national "Restomod" tv reality show. 

Sabra Johnson is known for his Resto Builds!  A Restoration by Sabra is committed to safety, functionality and beauty... while a Restomod by Sabra strategically uses modern technology in his signature 60/40 split. A Restomod (restoration + modern parts/technology) draws from all the latest technological advancements in automobile technology over the past four decades to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of the classic car. A Factory ( a complex consisting of several buildings filled with machinery, where workers manufacture items or operate machines which process each item into another.) City Classic Cars is The Mecca of For Restoration Greatness! City Classic Cars is committed to building the best custom muscle cars, iconic hot rods and truck restorations in the world.

Behind The SCenes of The Restomod Factory

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