The Restomod Factory - A Full-Service Restoration Shop 


City Classic Cars is a one-stop automotive customization shop featuring multiple shops from one central location where automotive enthusiast can receive custom upholstery, SEMA Restomods, Classic Car & Truck Restorations, Performance Fabrication, Metal and Body Work... and so much more at from one location owned by SEMA master car builder, Sabra Johnson. City Classic Cars.


Those desiring to learn more about us can through the six unique departments serving classic car and performance enthusiasts from Houston and beyond. Below you will find a list of six unique shops all owned by one owner, led by one staff, on one property, in one of the greatest cities of America. Click the links below to learn more About our performance fabrication and restoration shop... 

We Love Classic and Modern American Muscle and are passionate about building turnkey performance systems to achieve your automotive goals. It starts with a keen understanding of the “car”, a facility to perform the transplant and the staff and tools to make dreams a reality. At City Classic Cars, we have you covered through our one-stop performance fabrication center serving classic and modern performance enthusiast.

The hardest part of owning a classic vehicle is finding a mechanic that knows how to work on classic, antique and vintage vehicles. The Hot Rod Garage of City Classic Cars performs major performance builds and all the mechanical systems on full restorations.

The metal artisans assembled by Sabra Johnson in the Restomod Factory have the experience and tools to create custom replacement panels and OEM improvements. Metal is art at the Restomod Factory.

City Classic Cars Body Shop offers quality and professional rotisserie services, restoration services, rust treatment, and panel replacement. Classic Car paint and body is dying art, yet Sabra Johnson and his team have perfected old school techniques to create Sema quality builds.

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The hardest part of owning a classic vehicle is finding a mechanic that knows how to work on classic, antique and vintage vehicles. The Repair and Maintenance Department of City Classic Cars is your choice.

Stock Engine Rebuilds, Transmission Service, Electrical, Drum Brakes...

City Classic Cars Paint Shop only applies the best paint and clear products on the market. Our show winning paint jobs are sprayed with ppg DBC and the ppg vibrance collection. When the finished quality matters the Restomod Factory is the preferred choice.

Trimmers and the art of fine fabric making are slowly becoming obsolete; however, you can find the finest fabrics and experienced antique and classic Trimmers on display daily at The Restomod Factory.

 To move your build from dream to reality is the goal of the administration division of City Classic Cars. Step 1 is hearing the vision of the client. Step 2 is casting that vision to the client in renderings and product choices as the team implements the agreed plans.  

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We Are The One-Stop- Classic Car & Truck- Shop 


When your vehicle arrives to The Restomod Factory by City Classic Cars the disassembly, the assembly, and all things in between will be performed and managed by the City Classic Cars team under the leadership of the SEMA car builder, Sabra Johnson. Let the dream become reality by calling City Classic Cars at 832-717-0774 today.  Click to Meet The Builder