No More Cold Starts & Goodbye Misfires

June 25, 2016


The internal combustion, reciprocating engine needs only three things to run- Spark, Fuel and Compression. Today we will discuss the importance of Spark.


Is there spark? City Classic Cars can find the answer at 281-893-0660


The spark needs to occur at somewhere near the correct time. This is a function of the spark plugs, the wires, the distributor, the timing, lots of things come into play here. When something is off in this area of the engine, the car will communicate by misfiring, surging, cold starts or even no starts


Engine misfiring, in which the engine halts for a moment and then continues on as if nothing happened, is one sign of “Spark” trouble. Engine surging is a signal that this heart of the automobile is having combustion problems, and spark plugs (“Spark”) are part of that difficulty. A lack of acceleration is also a danger signal. All of these are showing a difficulty with not enough energy to have engine work properly.


Changing the sparking system is a way of assuring top efficiency and performance. City Classic Cars recommends The MSD Spark Package. Caps, Rotors and Traditional plugs at City Classic Cars are replaced by an HEI system. We remove the old OEM points system to a more technologically advanced HEI system ( High Energy Ignition). Why HEI? Contact City Classic Cars at 281-893-0660.



  • Quick Starts

  • Increased Power

  • Smooth Idle

  • Crisp Throttle Response

  • Reduced Spark Plug Fouling

An MSD 6A Ignition will improve the overall performance of your engine thanks to its high output capacitive discharge sparks. Below 3,000 rpm the ignition delivers multiple sparks that will clean up the idle, improve starting and throttle response. Step up to the 6AL to have an engine saving rev limiter.

MSD says:
"Accurate and reliable ignition triggering is an important part of performance, and breaker points can be a weak point. You also need to consider the condition of the rest of the distributor. Even if the points are set precisely, your timing can be all over the map due to a worn shaft or bushings; plus, the centrifugal advance is probably not the most accurate. In a budget pinch, a points distributor will get you through but only to an extent. Although you can run an MSD ignition box with a points distributor, if you're increasing cylinder pressures, improving induction, or raising the rpm range, you're also increasing the need for not just a powerful spark but an accurate and reliable spark as well. In short, an electronic distributor and ignition should be on top of your "improve and replace" list in your quest for more power."


  • Race-proven adjustable mechanical advance

  • High-output magnetic pickup trigger

  • Polished steel shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing

  • Billet 6061-T6 aluminum CNC-machined housing offers incredible strength and stability

  • MSD's own cap and rotors are molded from Dupont Rynite material offering high dielectric properties and strength



    To Schedule your Car Contact City Classic Cars at 281-893-0660










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