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Pro Touring Custom Builds

Pro-Touring by Sabra

Pro-Touring is a style of classic muscle car with enhanced suspension components, brake system, drive-train, and aesthetics, including many of the amenities of a new performance car. A pro touring project built by Sabra will function and perform as well or better than some of today’s best performance cars. Pro-Touring cars at City Classic Cars are built to be driven. Driven on the street, on the race track, on the drag strip, through cones at an auto-cross, no matter the setting, pro-touring cars by Sabra are meant to be driven.


Pro Touring projects by Sabra start north of $300k with some over a million depending on vehicle, specs, scope of work and end vision of the client. Dare to Dream Big!


Custom Muscle Cars

Custom Muscle Cars by Sabra

Perhaps the most debated definition in the car community is what exactly is a muscle car. The term wasn’t even used until the late 1970s. In the 1960s, muscle cars were defined as “Super Cars”. By muscle, Sabra means in its strictest sense American coupes from the 64-72 era featuring big V-8 engines and seating for 5 passengers. In a broader sense, Sabra includes the Pony Cars such as the smaller mopar cars, the chevrolet camaro or Mustangs.  So Sabra will almost build any car from this area featuring a big nasty engine.  

Custom Muscle Cars by Sabra often in the $200k range, yet end price is reflective of client vision along with an accounting of shop time and materials. You Only Live Once! Call 832-717-0774 today!


Classic, Vintage & Antique Restorations 

Classic Car Restorations by Sabra (Full and Partial)

Classic car restoration is the process by which a older vehicle is returned to its former glory and splendor. Restorations are a great way to capture a history or connection to beloved family. You can most likely buy a fully restored or partially restored vehicle for less than it will cost for any major restoration shop to restore. So why restore? Car or truck restorations by City Classic Cars are right for people that have a history with their vehicle- t's been in the family and it means too much to buy another vehicle, and the financial willingness to travel the beautiful journey of restoration. Generally speaking, antique and vintage restorations can be 40% higher than the cost to restore a classic. Most vitally, the condition of the “old parts” and the car itself will ultimately play the largest determining factor in restorations.


Restorations by Sabra are a case by case study as the prices can range from as low as $75k to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Contact the City Classic Cars team to discuss your project.  Some Things Are Priceless! Call 832-717-0774 today!


Truck Restorations & Mods

Custom Trucks by Sabra

Texas is Truck country, so naturally about 50% of all the builds at City Classic Cars are request for Truck Restorations. Nothing is more iconic or American than a truck. The truck has built the country, carried babies home from the hospital and taken grandpa and grandma to many a Sunday meetings. Sabra loves building American Trucks. Sabra and City Classic Cars have a reputation for building the "CST-10" and radical Ford Trucks.


Although a truck restoration can be as little as $75k, most trucks by Sabra are over $125k because of the attention to performance, interior and paint. End price is reflective of client vision along with an accounting of shop time and materials. Just Do It! Call 832-717-0774 today!


The Art of The STance

The Performance Stance by Sabra

The stance of a vehicle is determined by its suspension height and the fitment of the wheels in the fender arches... Parts and Fabrication will ultimately dictate stance not just a new set of tires and wheels- albeit they are just as vital. And further, that pro touring stance is reflective of the entire chassis including the frame itself. Although Sabra is known for the aggressive restomod performance stance, Sabra is equally adept at the Hot Rod Stance. Now, when we talk about Hot Rod stance, we're referencing the classic "big-n-little" wheel, tire and suspension combination that gives a modified muscle car that classic rake. Lifted rearend to accommodate a larger wheel and tire at the back, lowered nose with a narrower (and sometimes smaller) wheel and tire up front. Sabra knows how to perfect your stance whether that involves coilovers or bags. 

A fully built and fitted restomod look with an Art Morrison chassis with labor and parts can easily be $60k... A new LS adds another 25k while simply changing the rear to a Fab 9 by Moser is as low as $5, 500. Contact the City Classic Cars team. Call 832-717-0774 today!


Engine & Performance upgrades

Custom Performance by Sabra

Been thinking about your Muscle Car, Hot Rod or Classic car restoration? Why let that classic ride sit idle another day? If a performance or classic restoration engine is what you are seeking, look no further than City Classic Cars. You want to keep your dream ride for a long time and then pass it on to that special someone who will enjoy it with the same passion! Sabra says step 1 is getting the vehicle mechanically sound for the next generation to enjoy. Sabra never said he was the cheapest, Sabra says he is the best.

If you want quality engine and transmission performance, contact City Classic Cars today at 832-717-0774!


The Art of "Show" Paint & Body

"Show" Finishes by Sabra

How much? Great paint is not cheap and cheap paint has never been considered great. Sabra only desires to produce epic work. Sabra's mission is to produce the finest hand-sculpted and painted vehicles on the planet- whether that is a late model Ferrari, Bugatti or Classic 1957 Chevrolet. Sabra will never compromise on paint and body as he employs the most experienced labor and uses the highest quality PPG products on the market. A '57 actually cost more than Ferrari because Sabra takes the classic cars and trucks back down to the "raw metal" then body then blocking then to paint- A new Ferrari normally will travel a shorter journey. All projects receive professional color sanding and buffing.

That end price is never bidded at Sabra's shop. City Classic Cars has a policy, "we do it right or we don't touch it". Prices are $115 an hour plus body and paint materials. A $15, 000 paint job is rare at Sabra's shop, while $30k is more the average range and some have exceeded $55k. 

If you want the best in the business, contact City Classic Cars today at 832-717-0774!


Vintage & Custom Interiors 

Custom & Exotic Interior Designs by Sabra

Every piece at City Classic Cars is hand made and sewn as a one-off custom piece- 100% handmade. This process involves advanced design, metal work and wood working/fiberglass work. Sabra's in-house upholstery department is a winning advantage to building Custom Muscle Cars and Truck Restorations in which all of a car's components are blended as one symphonic whole.  Sabra not only has custom automotive trimmers on staff but a full throttle woodworking division at City Classic Cars. If custom is your thing, then Sabra is your man. Throughout the build process, Sabra makes interior changes in light of fabrication or mechanical changes related to performance. An interior by Sabra has harmonious fit, amazing comfort, modernities all while being miimalistic in design.

Sabra only provides custom Restomod and protouring designs which consume 6-8 weeks to complete. Prices start North of $20k. Call City Classic Cars today at 832-717-0774!


City Classic Cars Warranty

City Classic Cars offers a bumper to bumper 1 year full warranty on all full restorations along with product manufacturers warranty. In addition, City Classic Cars offers a repair and maintenance (R&M) program for the vehicle should it need routine maintenance completed by experts that know the vehicle. Sabra offers door to door service anywhere in the country! Let's talk cars and trucks at 832-717-0774


Leading Warranty Program 

How does Sabra begin? City Classic Cars request as many details as we can from you in the online build inquiry form. City Classic Cars also desires upfront details on your overall expectations, what you want out of the build and what is your budget.  Then, Sabra's administrative Dream Team will begin your phone or zoom interview to discuss your initial discovery details and any follow up questions directly.  If the scope and timeline of the build is acceptable to both parties, a Project Agreement and initial deposit is put in place to secure a spot in the schedule. 

Once the deposit and agreement are received, further specifics are determined about the build – suspension, transmission, engine, drive-line, wheels, etc. – and renderings are started.  Parts lists are created, labor estimates are forecast, and the budget gets itemized. At this phase, The Texas Custom Car Builder goes to work to create a detailed build treatment plan for your project.


This typically all happens before the car even arrives. Rides by Sabra’s wait list can be anywhere from six months to a year.  Communication between the builder and the customer during this time is key – not only to get prepared and get a build plan in place but to ensure the you remain aware of the timeline.

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