Re-freshening Paint & Body Services - Entry Level Paint and Body


Re freshening Paint and Body- Traditionally, the term "scuff and shoot" is ofen a misnomer as most projects require more. But budget and usage often dictate a simpler approach to the classic paint and body experience, so we offer a scuff and shoot premium.  Even on our lower level paint (scuff and shoot premium), we use quality ppg paint, quality clear and ensure the vehicle is "ready for paint". Price points often start around $5, 500 for cars and $7, 500 for trucks and larger 4 door projects. This level is recommended for projects that require no metal or major body or finishing details.  But remember, few projects qualify as scuff and shoots as most have dents, some level of rust and many mounds of hidden bondo. Many projects start in this phase and advance to the Rehab and Rust Treatment Paint and Body experience.


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Your vehicle’s paint is often the first thing people notice—especially if the paint finish is chipped, scratched, or damaged. City Classic Cars Paint and Body is home to the latest computerized paint-matching technology, the classic car industry’s top talent, artful passion and the very best products to restore your classic paint job’s original look and feel. You can visit us at 16548 Stuebner Airline Road Spring, Texas 77379 or click below to learn more about our services.


Refreshening Paint & Body Services: $5,000.00 +
Rehab and Rust Treatment Paint and Body Services: $12,000.00 +
Restorative Paint and Body Services: $18,000.00 +
Rotisserie Paint and Body Services: $35,000.00 +

Paint and Body Package Options 


City Classic Cars specializes in classic car and truck restoration paint and body. Let's get started on picking the package that is right for you! 

City Classic Cars Restoration Center is located at 16548 Stuebner Airline Rd in Spring TX.


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