Restorations and Mods 


Builds at City Classic Cars fall into two broad categories: Restomod or Restoration. Sabra and his team of builders will almost Restomod anything, yet his favorites are 30's Rods and Pro Touring Muscle Cars. But Sabra is a purist in heart in regard to iconic American engineering from 48-72 as he often restores to original projects of these decades. Here you will find a complete list of the projects that are sure to attract the attention of the master builder and his team. Click the links below to learn more...

At City Classic Cars, a Restoration is considered an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) project built the same way as it was from the original car builder. Although we employ modern build techniques, our goal is to return the car back to its original glory.  With today’s paint technology the cosmetic quality is far superior to the original.

Trucks and Texas go hand and hand which may explain the volume of Trucks, SUV and Jeep builds performed at City Classic Cars. Sabra has a special affinity for Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Chevrolet and Ford products that are 25 years old and older.   

America built many iconic machines. Sabra Johnson and his crew at City Classic Cars are excited to restore all makes and models in this golden era of American Automotive technology. To restore at City Classic Cars means to return a car back to its original condition.

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City Classic Cars is commonly referred to as “The Restomod Factory” as 90% of our projects are fitted with some form of modern features to make the project faster, safer or more comfortable for the client in a way that differs from the original. A Restomod by Sabra Johnson is built to look period specific, yet perform and feel very modern.

Pro-Touring projects by City Classic Cars are high dollar investments often featuring exterior body mods, extreme horsepower, performance drive trains and custom suspension modifications for superior road and track handling.

Sabra and his team of car builders “Rod” early model projects usually custom built for the driver to fit him or her specifically. Everything from mild to extreme drive trains are installed including numerous custom fabricated parts. 

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The Classic Car One-Stop Shop 

If you do not find your project listed, contact Sabra and his team as they are always looking for new challenges.    Let the dream become reality by calling City Classic Cars at 832-717-0774 today.