Professional Classic, Antique and Vintage Paint and Body Services

THE ART OF Classic Car Paint and Body

City Classic Cars Paint and Body Shop takes great pride in painting. In fact, we like to think of the automotive paint trade as an art. Many believe painting your vehicle is a simple, one-step process, but it’s actually an intricate procedure that requires precision, expertise, professional training, and exactitude. From extensive, complete body paint jobs to individual panels, our technicians understand exactly how to assess and execute your paint job with accuracy. We are not a high production "Maaco-Styled" collision center masquerading as a premium shop, we strategically select classic and signature projects for the City Classic Cars Paint and Body experience as automotive painting is an art not a production.

One of the first things we do is inspect the paint and body project for body panel to panel fit and how inconsistent the gaps are to the eye and tape measure. Perfecting these problems is part of "7 Step Process to Restored Success". The end goal is not simply a "slick finish" but also a flush panel to panel fit. The experienced staff of City Classic Cars Paint and Body department have the tools and passion to perfect excellence on all classic car and exotic makes and models.


When the panels are blocked to the agreed standard, the panels and the coach are scheduled for paint booth time. City Classic Cars stocks premium top of the line PPG DBC in its mixing system as its house line of paint. City Classic Cars also regularly uses House of Kolor paints and PPG Vibrance Collection paints for more one of a kind finishes. Booth time may be as little as 5 hours or a few days. The real magic is pre booth time and post booth time. After all the components are painted, the vehicle and/or its parts are removed from the booth for wet sanding. Once all is finished, The quality control team inspects the overall fit, finish and quality of the work. Wet Sanding/Buffing and Inspections are the assurance imperfections such as orange peel or texture are removed to ensure an award winning finish. 

Your vehicle’s paint is often the first thing people notice—especially if the paint finish is chipped, scratched, or damaged. City Classic Cars Paint and Body is home to the latest computerized paint-matching technology, the classic car industry’s top talent, artful passion and the very best products to restore your classic paint job’s original look and feel. You can visit us at 16548 Stuebner Airline Road Spring, Texas 77379 or Click Here to Schedule your car for Service. Most Projects fall into one of the four categories below: 

Few projects truly qualify as a true scuff and shoots as most have dents, some level or rust and many mounds of hidden bondo, but the reality is every car and budget deserves to have a body experience. Many projects start in this phase and advance to the Rehab and Rust Treatment Paint and Body experience. The best candidates for this phase are new car projects and recently restored projects in need of a touchup. This package is driven not by money but the assumption of a perfect project prior to starting the paint and body process. Excludes Wet Sand and Buffing as well as Disassembly 



Most daily-driver paint and body projects fall into the Silver Category as most classic requires some basic level of rust repair and body work, yet are well cared. Depending on budget and condition of car some are partially assembled while some are “jammed” and shot as one unit eliminating cost related to disassembly and reassembly. This is a budget-driven paint and body package. 

Car is partially disassembled, all glass removed, doors and fenders removed and on request engine components. Car is stripped through DA or other process down to the metal. Then all major work is completed, body and blocking… Most Classic Car investors chose this paint and body package.  This is a major paint investment of time and money. 

full disassembly that ends with car in many smaller pieces separated from the frame, then vehicle is media blasted, rust treated, sealed, metal work restored (top and bottom), Show level body and blocking are completed, and Sema level paint are all Steps in this type of paint and Body experience. The post paint finishing and assembly often requires many weeks. This is not a budget-friendly package. 

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