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Google has always been a great place to look for reviews; their trusted google plus feature contains a lot of helpful insights and information about a wide variety of popular businesses. The Google public review system has City Classic Cars ranked as a top Classic Car Restoration and Repair Center in Spring Texas with a greater than 4.7 average review and dozens of 5 star reviews.  

Customer reviews play an important role in the success or failure of a business. Reviews are online Word of Mouth. City Classic Cars is honored that so many customers have chosen to post positive online reviews. You can contact the team today at 832-717-0774 or visit us at 16548 Stuebner Airline Road Spring, Texas 77379

5 Star Google Online Customer Reviews

The staff of City Classic Cars hopes these reviews will help you make an educated decision about choosing City Classic Cars for all your restoration and repair needs. Remember, we are the only Shop in Houston that offers live daily work in progress updates. The Google public review system has City Classic Cars ranked as a top Classic Car Restoration and Repair Center in Spring Texas with a greater than 4.7 average review and dozens of 5 star reviews.  

5 Star Online Reviews

Meet The Technicians

The Google public review system has City Classic Cars ranked as a top Classic Car Restoration and Repair Center in Spring Texas with a greater than 4.7 average review and dozens of 5 star reviews.  The quality of work is a direct result of the talent of our team. He is an online opportunity to meet the teams. Our guys can "talk the talk and walk the walk". The City Classic Cars Restoration team has 200+ combined years of restoration experience.  

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Mr. Winston

Lead Fabricator/Structural Welder

There exist not a more passionate engine builder in all of Texas. Ray is a gentle giant. His arms are like tree trunks, but his disposition is as gentle as a lamb. Ray loves to go fast! Ray is an avid drag racer with an active car he regularly takes to the track. Ray is a devoted family man.

Winston is our resident perfectionist and classic car purist. His nickname is "Metal Man".  Although Winston loves classic cars, he is a husband and father first. Winston feeds all the stray cats and is the first to stop to repair all flat tires along the road side. 

Guillermo can have a car torn apart and together faster than you can say Lickity Split. Guillermo is the first to arrive and the last one to leave everyday. He is a dedicated father and family man whom relocated to Houston by way of California to be near his family. Guillermo is a great team player. 

Mr. Justin

Performance Specialist/LS Swaps

Connie does advanced level body work, blocking, painting, welding and even interior finishes. Connie is a Christian woman committed to sharing the message of God's grace.

Mr. Guillermo

Vintage & Classic Car Body Specialist  

Mr. Ray

Engine Builder/High Performance Specialist 

Mr. Leo

Vintage Fabricator/Paint and Body Specialist

Leo is a one man restoration shop. Prior to City Classic Cars, Leo owned and operated a classic paint and body shop for 10+ years. Leo is proficient at most systems but his greatest gifts are in body lines, fit and finish, vehicle stance and automotive painting. Leo is a true car guy. 

Mr. David

Porter and Media Blaster

David comes to get dirty- whether that is media blasting, detailing cars or working in the paint department. David loves to talk and one of his favorite subjects is how God changed his life. His life story is absolutely remarkable- his story is one of personal restoration.   

Carlos is the wild man. There exist not a car that fears Carlos. Carlos is the only staffer that arrives at 9am because he takes his grandson to school every morning. Carlos has been with Mr. Johnson for years. 

Mr. Carlos

Production Mechanic/Vintage Air Installations

Justin is "Mr. Go Fast". Justin has a C7 ZO6 Corvette and a 9 sec 1998 Camaro street car. Justin's passions are building mind blowing street cars and performing ls swaps.

Mrs. Connie

Painter/Interior Specialist

Mr. Johnson

Restoration  Apprentice

First name Johnson and last name Chen. We asked him his name for a few minutes then realized it is first name Johnson. Johnson is a young restoration apprentice. 

5 Star Review- My experience at city classic cars was truly amazing. I went in for an a/c repair and they fixed my vehicle within my budget. There customer service is outstanding! 

An Amazing Experience

Customer Service is Outstanding

I have a 1936 Hudson that I am looking to have restored. I have not chosen a facility. I have contacted many of the top shops... the owner of City Classic Cars blew me away with his transparency and knowledge of the restorative process. Sabra knew the process from step 1 through Step 7- I felt like an expert after our visit. His pricing was clear- $100 by the hour and that price drops to $90 for a full restoration and the time line of return would be 18-24 months on a car of this stature per his comments. The call blew me away- I took 15 minutes of his time and he never hung up or paused me or focused on the money- one shop stated they could not even talk to me without a deposit. I visited the City Classic Cars website and it was impressive. I visited the facebook page and the proof was in the pudding as it appears they post everything- the pretty and the ugly. My brother and I made a casual visit and it too was wowing. They had a 37 Hudson in development which made me envious- that was the worst part of my visit. I have not made my final decision, but City Classic Cars deserves a 5 star mention for how they treated me as a prospective client. First Class people always give first class service. Highly recommended this first class experience. 

F Huges

Tomball Texas

I am a fanatic about my cars, my women and my country... but especially by Cuda! I can be a bit anal about my mopars. I know I am hard to deal with and few shops can satisfy me. I took my 1968 Cuda in for disc conversion and tuning. Those guys (and gals) blew me away. The service was a cut above the rest and the workmanship was excellent. The mechanic staff are all hot rodders- gear heads. I can't say they are the best in Houston, but I can say they are the best in the Spring and Tomball area because I have tried all the others. Keep up the good work guys.

Mr. Mopar

Houston, TX

I love that I felt welcome at City Classic Cars. Too many times women get the runaround when they take their car in for service. This shop is straight forward and makes it easy to understand. They did a great job on my paint. I highly recommend this shop.

Sara H

Spring, Texas

I have a beautiful 1965 Mustang and I only take my baby to City Classic Cars. The service is great! I recommend this shop to anyone with a classic car.

Jimmy Newsby

The Woodlands, Texas

Best shop in the city if you have a classic car.

Greg Hornstock

Houston, Texas

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