High School Paid Apprentice Program by City Classic Cars

The Cast of  The Restomod Factory are about as culturally diverse as they come with all being individually unique, yet the common denominators are talent and the shared passion of building faster, safer and more comfortable restorations... and educating America's youth to the next level.  The Restomod Factory lives vicariously through each and every student we impact.  Meet some of the students of the Jr. Car Builders program launched and funded by Sabra Johnson, owner of City Classic Cars, as a way to help high school students in Texas learn the art of restoration and performance fabrication through a paid apprenticeship program.  High School Youth are screened by the partnering HS school teacher/counselor, interviewed directed by Sabra Johnson. Then the chosen students enter a 90-day program under the leadership of Carol Sosa where students work alongside the seasoned technicians of City Classic Cars. Meet some of our students below: 

Sabra Johnson

Master Car Builder/Visionary

A great leader of men and women that believes every car has a story to tell.. He is the owner-operator of City Classic Cars.  Read More...

Carol Sosa

GM/Community Coordinator

A lover of butterflies and the process of rebirth. Carol manages the day to day operations to include vendors, clients and build project management. Read More...

Mr.  Issac

Student Graduate

Issac is a big strong gentle giant- a big kid. We enjoyed our time touching the life of Mr. Issaac a graduate of the Fall 2018 class.


Apprentice Graduate 

Eli was a member of the Summer 2018 student class. Eli was fun spirited and willing to work hard.

Mr. Jaxson

Student Graduate 

Jaxson was one of the younger students in the Summer 2018 class. Jaxson was a hard worker that brought cookies made by his sisters a few days a week. 

Mr. James

Apprentice Graduate

A true car guy that works on his Miata when he is not repairing his friend’s cars. Graduated Spring Semester 2018

Mr. Riley

Student Graduate

A great kid with a sweet spirit. Riley plays tennis, loves his Dodge truck and getting greasy at the Shop. Fall 2018

Mr. Oscar

Restoration Tech

A quiet rookie that allows his hard work to do the talking. Oscar handles the media blasting, DA sanding, disassembly and a 100 other task.

Mr. Dylan

Apprentice Graduate

Dylan was apart of the Fall 2018 student class. Dylan is a Chevy man and loves his SWB Classic Chevy featuring a 350 engine.

Mr. Eli

Active Apprentice 

A HS student that stars on the state winning Lacrosse team and he plays TE for the football team. Summer Apprentice 2018

Mr. Blake

Summer Apprentice

Blake has a passion for all things automotive. His dream is to be a mechanic like his big brother. Summer 2018.

Mr. Colby

Apprentice Graduate

A leader in Mr. H’s HS shop class with a great sense of humor and high car IQ. Graduated Winter Semester 2017

Mr. Johnson

Apprentice Graduate

Klein HS track star that loves drift cars and fast and furious. Graduated Winter Semester 2017

Mr. Mason

Apprentice Graduate

Actively involved in church and school activities to include playing WR for the Football team. Graduated Spring Semester 2018