City Classic CARS - Policies and Procedures 



  • Title- The Cars are ultimately owned by City of Faith Church of Houston Corporation as City Classic Cars is a legal DBA/ministry of City of Faith Church of Houston.  Utlimately you are buying the vehicle from the non profi


  • Financing- We do not provide in-house finance or take partial payments of any kind.  We recommend clients use JJ best or their personal bank. Beyond this, we do not discuss financing. There is a link online to JJ best financing. Please contact JJ Best direct. Basically, call us back when you get “cash in hand”.


  • Showing Vehicles- We show our vehicles on an appointment basis only. The shop is primarily a storage and fulltime repair shop, so we require viewings by appointment only. We are not a traditional “show-lot” allowing full viewing of inventory at once. For liability and security reasons we do not show our full inventory, we do not accept walk-up viewers and we do not show vehicles at night.  All showings are at the Shop during normal business hours of operation.


  • Telephone Price Negotiating- We do not negotiate or lower our prices to be less than the prices online (prices are firm on telephone- only cash makes it negotiable and we can not say what we will or will not take). We only negotiate face to face or in the form of a written offer to purchase.  Although our cars and special pricing may be offered on many websites, our websites are the official price center. Social media and specialty sales sights may or may not reflect the latest changes to pricing- we always honor prices from our official website which may be higher or lower depending on changes.


  • Out of Town Buyers- Out of town buyers must sign a contract and wire transfer all funds to take title and possession of vehicle.  We required secured funds prior to releasing a vehicle to a contracted buyer. 


  • Shipping- Texas and Louisiana are an estimated $500.  Beyond Texas prices can range as high as $2, 500 for New York or California shipping. Our preference is for the seller to negotiate his and her own shipping. Our prices do not include shipping cost of any kind. We can help coordinate the process provided all cost is assumed by buyer.


  • Seller- The seller is City Classic Cars or City of Faith Church of Houston Corporation which are one and the same. Members and Staffers make all car related decisions not our Pastor Sabra. Pastor Sabra can not give you a price or a discount on any vehicle. The business office of City of Faith Church is the final and official voice on all vehicle sales not the Lead Pastor of the Church. The Pastor is an ambassador of the program, yet the Church is the sole owner and operator of the CARS program. We ask clients not to bombard Pastor Sabra with sales request and negotiations on price and terms.


  • Virtual Sales Team- We use email, telephone, text, fax and overnight services to complete the majority of business transactions with out of town clients.


  • Test Drives/Rides- No test drives! A firm sales price has to be agreed and funds paid to drive our vehicles.  We provide ample insight online. We may or may not take a potential client for a ride. Our true customer understands the value and delicacy involved in these classic vehicles.


  • Hold Fee- Our standard non-refundable vehicle “hold fee” is $500 for 3 days. Buyer can only extend the hold once for an additional $500 for only one additional 7 day period. No monies are returned for holds. You can pay a $1, 000 to take a vehicle of the market for a 10 day period- zero funds are returned. We do not recommend placing holds on vehicles. Purchase when the timing is right. 


  • Credit Cards- We take credit cards for customer repairs and program donations only. We request certified funds to buy a vehicle from our showroom.


  • Ownership- Sabra Johnson is the owner of City Classic Cars.


  • Hours of Operation- Although our mechanics work from 7am-7pm Monday - Saturday, the actual shop hours for receiving new clients and showroom guest are limited. The limited consultation/showroom hours allows the team time to work on restoration projects. In addition, we spend time riding dirt roads looking or the next build project.


  • Repairs- We perform general repairs for the public as a secondary focus to restorations.  When the restoration work load is great, may not be able to take in a routine brake service. In the event, we can not complete your job we refer clients to a network of qualified mechanics to service your vehicle needs.


  • Appointments- The general hours are 9am-5pm Monday - Friday for walk-in clients. Established clients and clients looking to purchase from the showroom are free to schedule an appoint Monday-Saturday between the hours of 7am-7pm based on availability.  


City Classic Cars is a Hobby Classic Car distributor in Houston TX specializing in the building, buying, selling, restoring, trading and shipping of classic trucks, classic convertibles and custom projects in Houston Texas. Remember, a Classic Car is an Appreciating Asset. 




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